Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sexi Kirstin.

Here at ThinkSexi, we believe that every girl needs a cardigan that's comfortable, stylish & versatile.
So if you've missed out before, we've brought in some that are all that & more.

-- in Violet (Sold Out)

-- in Black (Sold Out)

-- other available colours

Fits sizes (XS) to small (M)
Length: 20 inch
Waist: 28 inch
Bust: 30 inch (stretchable)
Material: Knitted

Colours: Violet (Sold - J.D), Green, Black (Sold - K.C), White & Pink

Status: Available (last piece in Green, White & Pink)

It's yours for only; RM 40
Now only RM 32


*edited (04/10/08) -- We've been featured!
Special sexi shoutout to Diary of an E-Shopaholic for featuring Sexi Kirstin.
Do click on their link in the sidebar for more great reviews!

-- le sexi.

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